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Welcome To The Present

January 4, 2020

As you read this, turn your mind to the sounds around you. There may be more sounds than you expect. Background sounds your mind normally filters out.

Don't spend too much time on any one sound. Notice them as they come and go.

The purring of the car's engine as it accelerates. The whirring laptop fan. The murmur from a nearby conversation.

You may notice your mind jumps from sound to sound. Allow this to happen. Don't try to listen harder, or to pick out a particular sound. Just observe. Observe the way your mind moves from one thing to the next. Note the way your attention shifts.

Turn your attention to your own body.

Notice your connection with the floor, or the chair, or the bed. Examine the connection your body has with the surface beneath it. The way your body is held. The balance in your body.

Think of your face. Notice the expression you are making. Are you carrying any tension there? Is your jaw clenched? Are your eyebrows tensed down? Are you frowning?

If you notice any tension, release it. Without judgement.

Think of your neck. Are you carrying any tension there? Release the tension.

Do not judge yourself if you find yourself carrying tension. We all occasionally carry unconscious tension. Life can be stressful and tension can build up. It's ok to let go though. You don't have to carry the tension. Not right at this moment. Soon, you will be done with this article, and life will go on.

But, just for now, you can let go.

It's ok.

You deserve a moment. Just for you.

A moment to breathe.

A moment to let go.

You deserve love.

It's ok to give yourself some love.

Now move your awareness from your neck to your shoulders. We can carry a lot of stress in our shoulders. Tensing them, scrunching them up. Hunching them. Let the stress go.

Let it flow out of you as you exhale.

Let your body be filled with relaxation.

Move your awareness to your arms and let go of the tension.

Think of your hands and let go of the tension.

Think of your back and release the tension.

Think of your legs and exhale the tension.

Now think of your feet. Visualise all the tension in your body as a stream flowing out through your feet.

Relax your mind. Notice if it is drawn to any tension you may have missed. Allow all the tension to join that stream, flowing out of your body.

Turn your mind to your breath.

Become aware of it.

No need to control it. Notice what it feels like to breathe in. What it feels like to breathe out.

The air moving past your upper lip.

You may notice a sharpness to the air as it travels up your nose.

You may notice the feeling of the air hitting the back of your throat.

You may notice your chest moving up, and out.

You may notice your belly expanding.

You may feel your diaphragm moving down.

You may feel a sensation of rising throughout your body as you inhale.

You may notice your body moving down slightly as you exhale.

You may notice your stomach moving in. Your chest moving down.

Breathe, and know you're breathing.

Inhale, and know you're inhaling.

Exhale, and know you're exhaling.











Welcome to the present moment. I'm glad you could join me here.

Stay as long as you like, you may find you enjoy it here!

Ibby EL-Serafy

Ibby EL-Serafy

Hey, I'm Ibby, a human being living in Sheffield